Who We Are

The Evangelical GIS Society is an international network of evangelical missional practitioners, researchers and educators engaged in the design, creation, use and dissemination of geographic information for the purpose of advancing the missio dei (the mission of God).  The society provides a forum for the exchange and distribution of knowledge, mapping techniques and data for Christian believers, churches, mission agencies and denominational groups to be more strategic in their ministry & missional practices.  The society fosters connections between individuals in applied ministry contexts, GIS professionals and evangelical institutions.  Officers of the Society are elected at the online EGIS annual meeting.  An online elearning portal with video conferencing capabilities has been provided for the society on the eCampus of Missional University.

Statement of Faith

All members shall affirm the evangelical tenets of the Christian faith as set forth in the Lausanne Covenant.

Commitment to FOSSGIS

The society is committed to FOSSGIS, free and open source software for geographic information systems using QGIS desktop software, an offical software project of OSGeo, the Open Source Geospatial Foundation.  We advocate for the democratization of research tools in order to foster grassroots participation of missional leaders across the globe.

Informational Webinars

Webinars are being planned to introduce the Evangelical GIS Society. They will be scheduled for 45 minutes in length. The online EGIS informational webinars will be hosted on the eCampus of the Missional University. Click on the link below to reserve your spot on a specific date.

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Prof. Drake Sprague

Drake Sprague
EGIS Co-Chair:  Unreached People Groups
South American Research Coordinator

The Misssional College

 Dr. Curt Watke
EGIS Co-Chair: Local Missions & Church Planting
Missional University

Exec. Director, IICM