Local Missions & Church Planting

Section Description

The Local Missions Section is devoted to the use of geographic sciences in support of missional efforts in local communities by churches, church plants and faith-based non-profits.  Members of the Local Missions & Church Planting Section work together in preparation for annual online section meetings that demonstrate best GIS practices, illustrate GIS approaches to local issues, and provide case studies of GIS research that has led to significant missional implementation.  The section fosters connections between individuals in applied ministry contexts and individuals and evangelical institutions. Officers of the section are elected at the online EGIS annual meeting.  An online elearning portal with video conferencing capabilities has been provided for the section on the eCampus of Missional University accessible to members through the Portal@MU link. 

Section Organization


cwatke-circlemaker2-sm.pngCurt Watke  (email), Executive Director, IICM (Intercultural Institute for Contextual Ministry); and President and Professor of Missiology & Evangelism at Missional University.  USA 




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Section Reports

Section reports can be found in the EGIS Portal@MU