Unreached People Groups

Section Description

The Unreached People Groups Section is devoted to supporting the missionary efforts to reach the people groups around the world who have not been reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  The group empowers churches and mission agencies to bring greater attention to the world-wide needs of the unreached people groups through various GIS mapping approaches.  The Unreached People Groups section welcomes all EGIS members with an interest in unreached people groups to participate. Officers of the section are elected at the online EGIS annual meeting.  An online elearning portal with video conferencing capabilities has been provided for the section on the eCampus of Missional University accessible to members through the Portal@MU link. 

Section Organization


dsprague-circlemaker2-sm.pngDrake Sprague  (email), South American Research Coordinator, ALTECO (Amazon & Lowland Tribal Empowerment Coalition); and Instructor in Missionary GIS, People Group Research Specialist at Missional University.  PANAMA   



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Section Reports

Section reports can be found in the EGIS Portal@MU