Free Charter Membership Application

EGIS Society Membership includes:

  1. A copy of the MissioCarto Annual Journal
  2. Access to the Cartographic Missives
  3. Participation in up to three EGIS sections
  4. Access to the EGIS Portal@MU
  5. Access to FREE shapefiles and data for use with GIS software
  6. Access to Member Only Webinars on GIS software
  7. Access to the QGIS Technical Support Section
  8. Discount on your registration fee for the online International Annual Conference (Tier 3 countries of origin are free)


Before You Complete the Membership Application

1.  Click on the region of your residence and/or region of the headquarters of your organization (missionaries should choose the region of the headquarters of their sending agency) in the links to the left

2.  Look at the three Tiers and the countries in each tier.  Identify your Membership Tier

3.  Go to the page on Sections and read the descriptions of the sections and identify the top three sections of your interest

4.  Read the Statement of Faith (Lausanne Covenant) and determine if your beliefs are consistent with it.


Submit Your Application 

All membership applications submitted before Jan 1, 2019 will become charter members upon approval 

You have reached the maximum submissions of the form.

Please send an email to and someone will get back to you.


Steps to Join EGIS

Charter Membership is FREE until January 1st, 2019

1.  Complete the Application

2.  Prior to January 1, 2019
-- you will receive an email response with instructions to access software, shapefiles and download data.
-- you will be enrolled in up to three EGIS sections and will be contacted by a co-chair when available.

3.  On January 1 you will receive a PayPal invoice for 2019 based on your Tier (see regional membership pages)